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Benefits of Publishing Your Zoning Data Online

Updated: Oct 5, 2023


Urban planning is a complex and ever-evolving field that involves the regulation of land use

and development within a city or county. One of the most critical aspects of urban planning

is zoning, which involves the division of land into different zones with specific permitted

uses, such as residential, commercial, or industrial. Zoning helps ensure that land is used in

a way that is consistent with the community's goals and values and can help manage

growth and development. Publishing zoning data online is critical to the strength of a

modern community. It promotes transparency among its citizens, increases efficiency and

decision-making in the planning department, and improves accessibility to the public and

the officials who manage the data.


When zoning data is published online, it becomes more accessible to the public, which

promotes transparency in the planning process. By making this information available to

everyone, cities, and counties can ensure that decisions are made in the public interest and

increase the public’s zoning knowledge base. Citizens can easily access information about

land use decisions and understand how those decisions were made, which can increase

trust in local government. Additionally, these citizens can access information about their

own property to make more informed decisions and reduce code violations.


By publishing zoning data online, cities and counties can improve the efficiency of the

planning process. Developers and property owners can access zoning information more

easily, which can make the process of obtaining permits and approvals faster and more

streamlined. This can save time and money for everyone involved and encourage more

development in the community. Moreover, if data managers are able to update and publish

zoning information in this environment, citizens and planners will have access to the most

recent information instantly.

yey'zoning search
yey'zoning search


When zoning data is available online, it becomes more accessible to everyone, regardless of

their location or resources. This promotes greater community engagement in the planning

process, as more people can access and understand the information. Citizens can provide

feedback on proposed developments, which can help to ensure that land use decisions are

more reflective of community needs and priorities.

Better decision-making

By analyzing zoning data, planners can identify areas where development is concentrated,

as well as areas where there is little development. This information can help to inform

future planning decisions and ensure that resources are allocated effectively. By publishing

zoning data online, cities and counties can make better-informed decisions about how to

manage growth and development in their communities.

yey'zoning permitted business types
yey'zoning permitted business types


Publishing zoning data online is a good idea for several reasons. It promotes transparency,

efficiency, accessibility, and better decision-making in the planning process. It can help to

increase community engagement, increase the zoning knowledge base, and ensure that

land is used in a way that is consistent with the goals and values of the community. By

making zoning information more accessible, cities and counties can create more livable,

sustainable, and equitable communities.

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