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yey'zoning gives citizens instant access to zoning maps and ordinance data.


Keep all your zoning tasks, data, and tools in the same place

- even if your team isn't.

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With yey'zoning businesses, realtors, architects, and citizens can see in seconds what is allowed on a property. 

That means entrepreneurs and businesses can easily find where they can open their next location.

Citizens don't have to call in or stop by to get zoning clearance for their property. Your staff will have to push fewer papers and files.

Your planning process will improve by having a one-stop solution that offers all the zoning perks your department needs.


Intuitive Zoning Data Search that delivers results in seconds

yey'zoning business permit types

yey'zoning offers a search entry point for everybody:


  • Address search for citizens and realtors

  • Business-type search for entrepreneurs

  • Zoning criteria search for planners and architects

  • Parcel number search for surveyors and GIS experts

  • Case number search or zoning officials

yey'zoning in action

yey'zoning - responsive design

Available on all Devices. Accessible from Everywhere.

yey'zoning is hosted as a cloud-based service and is available everywhere you have Internet connection.

Responsive design insures that the user experience is smooth and seamless on Smart Phones, Tablets, and Desktop PCs.

Use yey'zoning on a mobile phone

yey'zoning - dynamic reports

Provide Reports that have it all: Zoning Data, Zoning Maps,
Links to Zoning Ordinances and other Documents.

yey'zoning search mask

How you deliver your information makes all the difference. After a perfect search experience, you also want to provide the perfect delivery package for your clients.

yey'zoning provides powerful zoning and overlay reports that leave out no questions by 


  • showing all relevant data like

    • zoning district

    • connected overlays

    • zoning title

    • zoning purpose

    • permitted business types

  • displaying a detailed map of

    • the inquired zoning districts

    • the connected overlays

    • the parcel data

  • Attach weblinks that gives your client all relevant code information related to the inquired zoning district

All this information is compiled and generated in one simple PDF document.

yey'zoning - your smart assistant

Smart Auto-Connection between Zoning Districts and Overlay Districts.

No more worries about forgetting an Overlay District. 

Overlay Districts are an essential part of following up on zoning inquiries. As the information provider you want to make sure that you deliver a complete set of data. Finding out if an overlay district is relevant for a zoning district can be a time consuming task.

yey'zoning provides you with that information in an instant. It knows what zone is touching what overlays and vice versa.

Even if your overlay or zoning data changes - yey'zoning updates any new relations on-the-fly.

This gives your team peace of mind and keeps your clients happy.

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yey'zoning - GIS Integration

Integrate with ArcGIS or QGIS while being independent with data production and publishing. 


Having the right data available is critical for any planner or decision maker in the planning

department. yey'zoning gives your GIS administrator a variety of options on how to integrate with your GIS platform:

  • pull parcel, building footprints, watersheds, contour lines, comprehensive land use plans, and other geometry from your ESRI ArcGIS Rest API or from a Web Feature Service (WFS) provided by your GIS department. That way any changes made in ArcGIS or QGIS are avaiable in yey'zoning as well. Your data automatically stays updated at all times.

  • display aerials through a Web Map Service (WMS) or a Web Map tile Service (WMTS). Here as well, your data automatically stays updated at all times.

  • We integrated bing maps as a service. Get an up to date aerial from Microsoft and create a cross/sectional profile anywhere you want in seconds.

  • Import and export your own file based geodata using formats like the ESRI Shapefile or the OGC Geopackage.

  • Maintain (create, edit, delete) your zoning district and overlay geometry directly in yey'zoning and provide respective services to your GIS department. So they don't have to worry about updating their data either.

yey'zoning -  a powerhouse for zoning planners

Personalize your Zoning Map

By partnering with yey'zoning you will have a ready-to-go solution that has all your zoning data in it. We also offer data integration and update services, so you don't have to deal with setting up your data the right way.

But in case you want to personalize your zoning map you have all the tools at your disposal to do so:

Change the attributes of an existing zoning district or an overlay or draft a new zoning district and mark it as planned. Any zones marked as planned will not be available to the public.

And if a zoning district is not needed any longer you can simply archive it.

Zoning map

yey'zoning - GIS Integration

Share intermediate results and collaborate with your Planning Commission and Board of Zoning Appeals.

Planning commission board

Keep all your zoning tasks, data, and tools in the same place

- even if your team isn't.

Internally share your new zoning drafts with all your stakeholders by assigning different roles from viewer to the editor to project administrator.

Make sketches on the zoning map or comment on a zone to initiate changes.

Creating tasks to notify others helps you to stay on track with your planning process.

Once you are done, you can publish a draft to the web combined with a survey to gather feedback from citizens.

yey'zoning - Search By Business Type

Search business types to see which zones they are allowed to operate in, ensuring that they are in compliance with local laws and regulations.

Knowing which zones are appropriate for a business can help business owners or entrepreneurs identify suitable locations for their business. For example, if a business needs to be located near residential areas, it is important to know which zones allow for this type of business.

Understanding which zones allow for certain types of businesses can help city planners and economic developers attract new businesses to the area, which can drive economic growth and create jobs. By promoting the areas that allow for the types of businesses that are in high demand, they can create more opportunities for businesses to thrive and expand.

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