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The new standard for publishing zoning and overlay districts.

Speed & Security

Flexibility & Scalability

Better Collaboration

Small town community

Solving the Zoning Problem

With the Right Software, Great Things Can Happen

Providing information for your zoning district inquiries can be demanding, complicated, and time-consuming.

While some questions require elaborate responses, most can be answered through provided resources. 

Generally, these resources are detailed and very informative. However, they lack an intuitive structure for a client to find the desired information. 

yey'zoning recognizes this strain and has developed a user-friendly environment built to optimize the experience of hosting and finding your zoning information. 


Zoning Standards?

yey'zoning follows the new standard practice for publishing zoning and overlay districts to strengthen your overall experience.

Zoning Manager

Maintain and Publish Zoning Data

yey'zoning provides step by step processes that streamline client setup, simplify maintenance, and expertly publish your zoning data.

These workflows are built to present your stakeholders with public zoning data expeditiously. This creates more time for updates to zoning data when needed. 

zoning organization

Reduce Inquiry Backlogs

yey'zoning allows zoning officials to host all public information in one place. This creates an environment for citizens to acquire information  independently. 

Its intuitive design drastically reduces the number of citizen inquiries resulting in less time providing information on the phone or in person.

planning and development software

Comprehensive Customer Support

It's not just software.

We offer access to a comprehensive knowledge base including webinars, trainings, and spot consulting to make sure you can reach your goals efficiently and effectively. 

Integration process

Seamless GIS Integration

yey'zoning comes with a solid selection of file-based GIS formats to import and export data.


Additionally, we offer OGC-compliant services which you can use to connect to your major GIS platform if needed.

What We Offer

SImple to understand zoning documents
Construction Pre-Planning and development

Keep your Planning Department focused on objectives

yey'zoning removes the hassle of publishing your district zoning map and providing information about zoning districts to the public.


Let your planning and development team focus on the challenges of shaping a better community while yey'zoning focuses on providing a better service for your citizens.


File Sharing

Total Design

Explore Our Pricing Options

Our pricing model is based on the population of your jurisdiction.

Usually, the bigger your population the more zoning districts and potential users in your planning department. As a result, you need more known user licenses, maps, and storage.



every year

Population below 15000

  • 1 Client Administrator

  • 1 Project Administrator

  • 1 Editor

  • 3 Viewer

  • 3 Maps

Get Ready to Maximize Your Productivity With Our District Zoning Solutions

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